From the 1921 Ordnance Survey of Cholsey Farm

From the 1921 Ordnance Survey of Cholsey Farm

An aerial view of Cholsey Grange Farm taken in 1969


An aerial view of the farm showing many buildings that have since been demolished including the grain drier, chicken sheds, pig units, hay barn and workshops.

In the late 1950's and early 1960's Cholsey Grange Farm had pigs, chickens and sheep. The chicken enterprise numbered 7 large sheds (all now demolished) containing both egg-laying birds and birds for the table. They were fed from wheat grown on the farm and milled on-farm in our own processing mill.

Most notably, Hartmoor Wood (top right of the photo), then owned by Mr. John Fane of Wormsley was clear-felled. It has since regrown through natural regeneration and is now owned by Mr. Michael Wright.

An Aerial view of Cholsey Grange Farm taken in June 2009


40 years later some of the outbuildings remain, many have been demolished or altered shape, whilst a couple of modern agricultural barns have replaced former pig unit and chicken sheds.

The new barns were built to store grain, straw and for lambing the 200-300 Welsh ewes.

Some of the old pigsties and workshops have been converted to offices whilst the old dairy is now home to a skilled cabinet-maker and storage.

The listed oak-framed barn was re-roofed with local, hand-made tiles. It now houses hay, logs and a tractor.

Hartmoor wood is regenerating and is now a mixed woodland with a lot of Ash trees.