Cholsey Farm has diversified

Cereal cropping on 190 acres of poor and flinty soil is borderline from a financial viewpoint. Like 2/3 of farms in the UK, Cholsey Grange Farm has diversified in a number of ways. We are not unique.

Almost two-thirds of farms in England have diversified into a non-agricultural business, generating a total of £620m in extra annual income, according to statistics released by Defra. See this article in Farmers Weekly.

The most common form of diversification uncovered by the survey was letting empty buildings for non-agricultural use. About 24,600 or 43% of all farms in England are engaged in the activity. This type of venture also brought in the highest average extra income of £17,900 for each farm.

Farmers Guardian urged farmers in April 2019 to revisit diversification option in the wake of Brexit.

With the industry on the brink of major change in the UK, farmers are being urged to look at creating new income streams to de-risk the farming business.

Diversification projects at Cholsey Grange Farm

  • Letting redundant agricultural buildings as offices, storage or workshops
  • Cholsey Grange Certificated Location (a 5 van caravan/motorhome site)
  • Cholsey Farm Riding (offering safe riding for horse owners)