Conservation & Access

We're committed to enhancing the local environment

in recent years Cholsey Grange Farm has planted over two thousand trees and many hundreds of yards of native hedges. In fact, a recent audit shows that we have

  • Planted nearly 8 acres of native species woodland
  • Planted, or replanted, over 800 meters of mixed native species hedgerow.

The Farm has recently emerged from a ten-year contract with DEFRA for 'Higher Level Stewardship' which mostly revolved around maintaining species-rich chalk grassland.

We also maintain two owl-boxes for Barn Owls.

Continuous improvement

We are keen to continue our program of additional hedges, copses and environmental initiatives, and look forward to adding to this important legacy as funds, land and time allows.

In particular we will continue wide field margins which are packed with wild flowers and the occasional orchid. The margins are great feeding areas for birds.

A Baby Barn Owl being measured by the local Barn Owl Trust

Thousands of trees and yards of hedges have been planted at Cholsey Grange over the past few years.


Cholsey Grange Farm is bisected by three footpaths which we help to maintain including the Chiltern Way long distance footpath.

The footpaths are often used by groups such as Duke of Edinburgh and competitors of events such as the Chiltern Challenge.

If you come across any obstruction - such as a fallen tree - on one of these footpaths, please let us know and we will endeavour to clear the obstruction as quickly as possible.

Note - the footpaths shown on the accompanying map only show their approximate extent over the land owned by ourselves.